What's Included?

PRODUCTION - Paul Ramirez takes the roll as a producer, ensuring each performer of a song were at their BEST while recording both performance and quality wise.  Better performances allow better mixes!

EDITING - This allows us to REMOVE unwanted recorded sources such as vocal breathes. 

GAIN STAGING - Proper gain staging allows each element of a song (guitar, vox, etc.) to all fit in the mix without one fighting over the other, this is called, BALANCING the mix. 

​MIXING -  Mixing involves sweetening the overall balance of a song, through EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Etc.  This brings excitement to the listener, keeps the song interesting, and makes the overall quality SOUND BETTER!

​PREMASTERING - From single track to full album, we lightly master "in the box" using Studio One 3 Professional.  As with traditional studios, musicians also have the choice to take their final mixed projects to specialized mastering engineers.  

REVISIONS - Listen carefully to the final multi-track to make any adjustments as needed.  If you find later on that you want something else changed or added, you are allowed up to ONLY 2. 

Meet the Engineer

Paul Ramirez has been professionally trained by Grammy nominated Producer/Engineer, Jim Pavett of Allusion Studios with the Recording Connection. ​

Paul Ramirez has also been nominated at the 2015 Pensado Awards for BEST assistant engineer.

Paul Ramirez currently runs a podcast dedicated to help develop independent recording artists by interviewing established & up and coming recording artists, giving tips & tricks on what they do or have done to make it in the music industry.



      2 Hours Minimum Required.

50% Deposit Required for Booking.



      2 Hours Minimum Required.

50% Deposit Required for Booking.

  • Come Thru (Hip Hop)3:06
  • Sun Drenched Witch (Live Acoustic)2:57

Stay in Touch

Book a Session

One of the most important elements of a session is tracking. We strive for the best sound possible going in, rather than "fixing it in the mix". 

  • Episode 10: Ras Jahge of Uproot0:33
  • Episode 9: Yung Cavi of Streetvibe Music0:25

  • Student Orientation 10:14
  • Student Orientation 20:11
  • Employee Orientation 10:22
  • Employee Orientation 20:12

Voice Over


      2 Hours Minimum Required.

50% Deposit Required for Booking.

What's the Cost for a Session?

The cost for a recording session is set on a per project basis.

For instance, bands typically require a little more attention in detail to each instrument, to find sweet spots with different microphone techniques.  

Whereas, most Hip Hop uses sample-based instrumentals.  So at this point, this gives Hip Hop most of its focus to recording vocals.