What's Included?

PRODUCTION - Paul Ramirez takes the roll as a producer, ensuring each performer of a song were at their BEST while recording both performance and quality wise.  Better performances allow better mixes!

EDITING - This allows us to REMOVE unwanted recorded sources such as vocal breathes. 

GAIN STAGING - Proper gain staging allows each element of a song (guitar, vox, etc.) to all fit in the mix without one fighting over the other, this is called, BALANCING the mix. 

​MIXING -  Mixing involves sweetening the overall balance of a song, through EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Etc.  This brings excitement to the listener, keeps the song interesting, and makes the overall quality SOUND BETTER!

​PREMASTERING - From single track to full album, we lightly master "in the box" using Studio One 3 Professional.  As with traditional studios, musicians also have the choice to take their final mixed projects to specialized mastering engineers.  

REVISIONS - Listen carefully to the final multi-track to make any adjustments as needed.  If you find later on that you want something else changed or added, you are allowed up to ONLY 2. 

Book a Session

One of the most important elements of a session is tracking. We strive for the best sound possible going in, rather than "fixing it in the mix". 

What's the Cost for a Session?

The cost for a recording session is set on a per project basis.

For instance, bands typically require a little more attention in detail to each instrument, to find sweet spots with different microphone techniques.  

Whereas, most Hip Hop uses sample-based instrumentals.  So at this point, this gives Hip Hop most of its focus to recording vocals.

  • Sun Drenched Witch (Acoustic)2:57
  • Come Thru (Hip Hop)3:06
  • Jah's Creation (Reggae)2:15

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Solo Artist:       $100 per song

Full Band:     $250 per song

​​ Podcast:            $150 per project

​Voice Over:       $250 per project